Meet Our Coaches

Please note: Each coach has their own framework and approach to coaching. You may wish to explore the coach’s website before signing up for coaching. Abraham’s Fortune is a collection of coaches each with their own company. Each coach coaches through their own company and should any problems arise you will need to address them with that particular coach through their own unique company.


Life coach practioner Katelyn Townsend

Katelyn enjoys singing, reading, hiking, kayaking, writing, and going for walks. She has a dog named Caspian and her favourite color is blue. Katelyn also works part time in event management for her local Fringe Festival.

Katelyn Townsend

Katelyn has a BA combined major in psychology and sociology and a Master of Theological Studies with a concentration in theology. She is certified through the Certified Coaches Federation. With a heart for people and a longing to see others succeed, Katelyn is ready to help you find unity and achieve your goals.

Spiritual Approach of This Coach 

Katelyn has worked with individuals from several faith backgrounds and during her education she took several courses on various faiths and religions including cultural practices tied to these faiths and religions. As a practicing Christian, Katelyn grew up attending churches of several different denominational backgrounds. All of this has provided Katelyn with a unique faith perspective. She understands what it is like to feel like you don’t fully fit into one tradition’s views and is respectful of those that do. Having a deep reverence for the intersectionality of beliefs, Katelyn is the perfect choice of coach whether you find yourself aligning with a particular religion, caught in the cross sections of faith, or are irreligious but often face friction with family members and friends who are. 

A Note From Katelyn

Whether you are needing to build your life up from scratch, rebuild broken pieces, or simply reinforce shaky foundations, I am here to support you in that process. Any goal that you desire to achieve is possible and within reach, no matter how big or small. I have the drive and passion to be the coach you need in order to get to where you want to go. Let’s begin our journey today!

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Jaydon Bird

Away from the coaching space, Jaydon is also a comedian, actor, and creates advertising content for small businesses. Jaydon is a devout Christian and Yogi, bringing everything that he does, in any space, back to God. Studying Law at the University of New England as well as creating video content for both WordoftheBird and other small businesses, he keeps himself busy; but never too busy to stop and have a chat!

Spiritual Approach of This Coach

Jaydon practices both Christian and Bhakti faiths. He is continually learning about the Baghetva Gita and Bible and reads from both these sacred scriptures regularly. He enjoys chanting and prayer as key spiritual practices in his life. Jaydon also has a background in new age spiritualities and is familiar with astrology and tarot. Jaydon is a great choice of coach if you find yourself in any of these categories, are new to your faith journey, or are curious about spirituality in any way.

Life Coach Jaydon Bird

Jaydon lives in the land down under and is a Life Coach from Sydney, Australia, who runs his own life coaching practice out of his company, Word of the Bird. He has been in the coaching space for about a year now.  Jaydon focuses on coaching people to live a God-centred lifestyle, helping clients recognize their true spiritual nature. He also promotes health and well-being in general by eating and living well. Jaydon specializes in life purpose coaching, health and wellness coaching, and spirituality coaching.

A Note From Jaydon

Over the course of my life so far, I've had experiences and gained experiences in many different areas, all of which have eventually brought me back to Connection with God, The God of Christ, The Supreme Atman.

Growing up in a broken home, my Mum was a Christian but the rest of my family were Atheistic. I didn't understand much of the Bible, and by the time I hit my late teens I was an undeniable and expressive Atheist.

Religion aside, I was always a curious mind, and would explore different facets of life and my being wherever possible. This, along with a moment I could not intellectually explain the feeling of, led me to begin my spiritual journey.

The New Age Space, with focuses on Astrology and Tarot, was the beginning of this spiritual journey. It led me to the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ, which led me to the Yogic Teachings of the Vedas, more specifically in the realm of Bhakti, all of which I continue to learn in every day. 

And now I want to help you learn.

Our Employees

Alina Arloo

Digital Marketing

Alina has been part of the Abraham's Fortune Team since June 2021. She helps out with social media, website maintenance, and other creative pieces connected to the company.

Our Values

Our company values include – Unity, Love, Collaboration, Growth, Well-Being, Spirituality, and Empathy. 

As a community we display these values through enacting the following principles:

  • We have a high regard for discussions of viewpoints and connecting these topics back to a greater picture. 

  • We respect where others are coming from even when we disagree. 

  • We listen first before sharing our own opinions and do our best to hear and understand the beliefs of others

  • We help others find peace, reconciliation, and connection. 

  • We encourage growth in ourselves and others and push each other to seek continued improvement.

  • We address tough conversations quickly and honestly in a loving manner. 

  • We give each other space to approach tasks in our own way and timelines while being respectful of due dates 

  • We value relationship and hold space for who each of us truly are while appreciating elements that differ from our individual approaches

  • We meet when we say we will and follow through on what we promise to provide for our clients 

  • We refuse to give up even when things get tough and always act in a professional loving manner with each other and our clients. 

  • We make a difference in the lives of our clients and always aim to leave them better than when we first interacted.