About Us

Abraham’s Fortune is an online life coaching collective, here to help you feel whole and fulfilled in your everyday life. Founded in June 2020, we have grown into a team with two coaches and a marketing specialist. 

Our main value is unity, because finding unity in each area of life is a driving factor of healing and success. Feeling whole helps you navigate obstacles with more confidence and security, putting you in the right mindset to achieve your goals. 

Although we offer life coaching services in various areas, one area we specialize in is faith. Our goal is to expand into a collective of life coaches with various faith backgrounds without judgment. Your faith journey is personal to you, and we want to help you integrate it with the other parts of your life. 

We have found many people seeking help encounter professionals who either don’t respect their client’s faith or expect that faith to show up in a certain way. Our goal with Abraham’s Fortune is to be accepting of how you identify your faith, and help you integrate it into the rest of your life. 

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Learn more about how Abraham's Fortune got started, what we value, and how we can help you on your journey with this overview from our Founder and CEO, Life Coach Practitioner Katelyn Townsend.

What Makes Us Different

Available Wherever You Are

Our coaching services are completely virtual, which means they are easier to fit into your schedule, and you can attend your sessions from anywhere in the world.

Personalized Plans

We are here to help you on YOUR journey, not anyone else's. Our coaches work on a case-by-case basis to create coaching sessions that adapt to your wants and needs.

A Collective of Coaches

Abraham's Fortune offers you options for the coach you feel most comfortable with. With coaches of different faiths and specialties, you can find the life coach that's right for you!