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Emotional Regulation Challenge


Emotions can be overwhelming. Gaining control of them will benefit your goal-achieving, relationships, and interactions with the world. This challenge will provide you with tools to meet your emotional needs, and introduce you to a community striving for the same success.

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Previous Events

Mindfulness Challenge

March 2022

Finding peace in the midst of such a chaotic world is a challenge, so Katelyn and Jaydon challenged you to go through meditation techniques and exercises about being present in your day-to-day life.

Mindful March Challenge Poster
Poster outlining self-care challenge

Self-Care Challenge

February 2022

Self care goes far beyond relaxation techniques. The true definition of self care is meeting our needs. Every area of our life has different needs that will require different solutions to meet them. This mini course will provide you with tools to identify those needs and begin to meet them.

Goal Setting Challenge

January 2022

Two experienced life coaches take you through creating and achieving your goals. Defining your goals and making a plan of action brings you half-way to where you want to be, and Katelyn and Jaydon are here to help.

Poster outlining Goal-setting challenge

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