Life Coaching

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Spiritual Life Coaching

Find certainty in what YOU believe and grow a deeper connection with the divine.

Coaches: Katelyn, Jaydon

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Life Purpose Coaching

Guidance in looking within yourself, through the eyes of others, and considering the divine to help discover your life purpose.

Coaches: Katelyn, Jaydon

General Life Coaching

Sometimes there isn't a specific category your goals fit into. Find clarity in what you are looking for through this type of coaching.

Coaches: Katelyn, Jaydon

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Family Dynamics

Balance your needs with the needs of your loved ones. Find comfort instead of tension in your relationships.

Coaches: Katelyn

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Career & Education

Realize, plan, and achieve your professional goals. Become your ideal self!

Coaches: Katelyn

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Addiction Coaching

Focus on overcoming and managing the things that have strongholds in your life. 

Coaches: Katelyn

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Discover your real wants, needs, values, and goals.

Coaches: Katelyn

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps you to further discover your abilities and voice as a leader within your particular situation.

Coaches: Katelyn

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And More

We encourage you to book a consultation to see if we have something to offer that fits your needs!

Coaches: Katelyn, Jaydon



Goal Setting

Our intensive goal-setting course is a unique, self-paced program that will take you through the different steps of realizing where you want to be in life, and setting yourself up to achieve your goals, every time.



Satisfying your needs on a regular basis is an important step in achieving your goals in all areas of life. Our life coaches created a self-care program that addresses your unique needs and prepares you to handle the extra things life throws your way.

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Workshops & Speaking Events

Select coaches offer group workshops and motivational talks for professional settings or general events.


Abraham's Fortune offers workshops for small groups and organizational settings. If you are looking for an interactive experience that gets your group thinking outside of the box, a workshop is for you!

Speaking Events

Looking to add some motivation to your event? Our coaches offer motivational speaking to direct your audience towards progress and achievement through a healthy mindset.

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