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Reach a new level of confidence in who you are, how you fit in, and start feeling fulfilled in your everyday life. Abraham's Fortune will provide you with guidance, accountability, and support to put you on the right track and reach your full potential.

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Curious about life coaching? Life Coach Practitioner Katelyn Townsend takes you through the ins and outs of what life coaching can do for you.

Before doing coaching with Katelyn, my mind was a little all over the place. Going through the sessions helped me organize everything going on in my mind and bring it all back down to earth.

- Eugenia

At Abraham’s Fortune, we believe unity is the key to comfort and success. We value unity in three areas: unity with yourself, others, and the Divine. We often face internal conflict between different parts of ourselves and the conflict becomes greater with expectations from our loved ones and society. Finding unity will put you in the right mindset to achieve your goals.




Unity with Yourself

Unity with yourself enables you to have a deeper sense of peace. Unity with yourself involves compassion and understanding when needed but also holding yourself accountable when necessary rather than making excuses. It’s important to recognize how the various parts of yourself are interconnected and weave them together in ways that allow you to be the fullest freest you.

Unity with Others

Cultivating unity with others helps you understand the world from multiple perspectives and enables you to more naturally respect where others are coming from, even when you disagree on a topic. It helps you find where you are stronger with others and develop healthy interdependance. This lessens tension in relationships and helps you more easily default to loving others. 

Unity with the Divine

Unity with a higher power of your spirituality (the heart of who you are at your inner core), helps you see beyond yourself and evaluate deeper purpose and meaning in everything you encounter in life. 

Meet Our Coaches

Life coach Katelyn Townsend

Katelyn Townsend

Katelyn is the founder and CEO of Abraham's Fortune. She specializes in Spiritual Development Coaching and is also trained in life purpose, leadership, self-discovery, and more.

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Life Coach Jaydon Bird

Jaydon Bird

As a life coach from Australia, Jaydon offers a different perspective. He too provides spiritual and life purpose coaching.